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Episode 7. We’re Back! The Reel Asian Film Festival in 2020


At the end of a momentous year, Kelly and Aram take a moment to reflect on what 2020 meant for the Reel Asian Film Festival and bring along some friends for the ride. First, guests Mimi Vuong and Josephine Cruz, the digital producers behind the scenes of Reel Asian’s digital festival. Meanwhile, we searched the farthest reaches of the globe to get an audience member’s perspective from superfan James Goh. In our last segment, Kelly and Aram share their own thoughts on what got them through the year and the carb questionnaire.

Content Warning: mild swearing

This episode uses or mentions the following multimedia samples and sources:

This episode was produced and edited by Aram Collier.


  • Josephine Cruz is a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur currently based in Toronto with a varied background in production, music and events. Her professional resume includes work with HYPEBEAST, Complex, Serato, Red Bull, Sony Music, Kronenbourg, RIFF and more; and the list of brands she has provided music for as a DJ includes Nike, Jordan, adidas, Puma, Sephora, Lululemon, Google, Spotify, Vice and others. She also has a passion for knowledge sharing, and has taught workshops and seminars in branding, marketing and music business with organizations including Intersessions and Remix Project. In addition to her personal creative and professional pursuits, Josephine runs an independent record label, Bare Selection, alongside her partner Freeza Chin, and is the co-founder and director of community radio station ISO.
  • Mimi Vuong is a multidisciplinary creative with a strong focus in Film & Creative Direction, Design, and Post-Production. She’s worked with a variety of corporate and independent brands within the entertainment and music industries. Currently she is self-employed and on the side she runs an independent brand called Hot Pot Community, which is a new platform that highlights Asian narratives.
  • James Goh is James W. Goh (he/him) is currently a fourth-year student completing an Honours thesis with the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at The University of Sydney. His research traces and interrogates the discursive itineraries charted by the Hoa, the ethnic Chinese in Vietnam, in relation to the U.S. war in Vietnam. His broader interests include histories of global capitalism; colonialism, postcolonialism, and empire studies; race, gender, and sexuality studies. He lives and works on unceded Darug land. To see him playfully and unapologetically transgress the boundaries between the public and private, you can find him on Instagram (@jameees261) and Twitter (@JamesWGoh).


Please note below transcription was made using speech recognition software, and as such may contain inaccuracies, misspellings, or errors.



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