S2E5. Have You Seen This?


Kelly walks Aram through his first (and perhaps last?) watch of CRASH LANDING ON YOU, 2019’s love story of the year (arguably). Will his love for the show crash and burn, or paraglide and land on his summer heart?

This episode includes spoilers to the show CRASH LANDING ON YOU (2019). If you liked the format, please do check out Too Long; Didn’t Watch (@tldwpod on Twitter), whose podcast gave us the inspiration for this episode.

This episode uses or mentions the following multimedia samples and sources:

  • “Say Good Night”, Joakim Karud
  • “Morpho Diana”, Rachel Collier
  • Episode 16 of CRASH LANDING ON YOU (2019)


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Aram Collier 0:12
We’re almost at the start of summer. So this episode is a light one. We had a lot of fun recording it. But it does include spoilers to the show CRASH LANDING ON YOU. So if you hadn’t watched it yet, like I hadn’t, and you don’t like being spoiled, you can find the show on your favorite streaming platforms. And then come back to backstory and listen to the episode. We hope you enjoy.

Kelly Lui 0:38
Welcome to backstory podcast. I’m Kelly Lui.

Aram Collier 0:41
And I’m Aram Collier.

Kelly Lui 0:43
Today we have a special episode for you. I’ve been talking to Aram about Korean dramas for I think over a year now. And tonight, he gets a watch, or I, I get the excuse to make him watch one of the most popular Korean dramas of 2020. So Aram, can you share a bit more what we’re doing today?

Aram Collier 1:05
Yeah, so the idea is definitely an homage to a very great podcast, called Too Long Didn’t Watch where they take. They have celebrities review, a very popular TV show, you know, there’s so much peak TV right now, you’ve probably missed a show. And so what people do is it’s with a Rolling Stone magazine, TV critic, and they take the celebrities, celebrities watch the pilot episode, and the last episode, and they kind of discuss the trajectory of the show, make some guesses their impressions about it. So and it’s a it’s a good time. So I’m looking forward to this, you know, you know, I don’t watch Korean dramas. And it’s not because I have anything against them, actually, I actually know that I like them. And that’s probably why I don’t watch them. I think I try to avoid things that encourage addictive behavior. So and I know this firsthand, because I think the the last full series that I watched was called spring Waltz, which was like from like, 2008, or something, which is like, I mean, that’s basically a different era of grant dramas, but still, I think I still think that, you know, some of the qualities that make it, you know, attractive to people for what to watch, as well as attractive people to watch. That’s why I and I was like, super addicted to that show. You know, we would watch it at night. And like, we bought the DVD set from Pacific mall, we’d watch it at night, and be like, Oh, how much longer we got, we can do one more episode and then you wake up and then you’re like watching an episode before work and then like showing up to work late. So this is like, this is not good behavior. Right. So and then the other thing is that the episodes are quite long. I mean, number one I like so much respect to them for making hour and a half long episodes. Like that’s like shooting a movie. So I you know, I just don’t really want to get into but

Kelly Lui 3:29
yeah, yeah, here we are. And here we are. So, at this point, Arabs already watched the first episode. Yes. Maybe briefly try to summarize what the drama is. And and then I guess I’ll go into quizzing you.

Aram Collier 3:47
Okay. Okay. All right. This is what I can gather from the first episode. And I have to say like, I’m super impressed again, that this first episode is packed, it’s like has everything in it. All kinds of things happen. So, I’m here I’m gonna try a synopsis. Okay. So the main character is Yun ceti. She is a high profile entrepreneur, who is estranged from her ultra rich family and gets offered to take over the company despite the protests of her brothers and sisters in law who are trying their hardest to grab power of the company. But they failed miserably. But before so she, she decides to take that she will take over the company, but tomorrow, because first, in the first episode, she has to demo her new clothing line. Buy at a paragliding event where she and illusion to Wizard of Oz gets wrapped up in a tornado I’m and blown into the DMZ where she meets North Korean Super Soldier hottie Captain re played by shun bin and who is their patrol, he is patrolling the DMZ on his last day. So it’s like of all the things that could have gone wrong. This is one of them and then so that I think that’s the main thrust of it and that’s the the rom com core of it but there’s definitely like gonna be a lot of intrigue from the brothers and their resentment and them trying to like get the company back there some they hinted at some mother, daughter, daughter drama, like you never loved me kind of thing. There is some guy in China who is who is a con man who ripped off one of the brothers. And then so he’s gonna come into this, I don’t know his name. But see, a Baba city, makes it through the DMZ by and avoids landmines, and she makes her way into a village. But we have not met the villagers yet, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to teach her about life. And Captain re has an antagonist commander, Commander Cho, who is a bad dude. very corrupt, clearly. And, but, but Captain Rees crew is very dedicated, and they all are going to try to

Help Seri? because, or else they’re gonna, they’re all going to like, suffer some kind of horrible consequences as one, I guess, would assume. And so I am expecting some crew high jinks from them. And especially Sergeant po and me. I don’t know.

Kelly Lui 7:17
Wow, that was really well done. And that was great. You captured that one, almost an hour. I mean, 70 minutes long episode. And I think two minutes.

Aram Collier 7:30
I mean, they have a theme song. Right? And they Oh, yeah, this is kind of like a, you know, see, like, parallel lives kind of thing happening visually. So it’s like, okay, so they’re gonna learn about life. There’s this, like, alternate universe kind of thing happening. And then and then at the end of the episode, they give you like, kind of like this. Interesting, like, replay, and then also a teaser to so so. So it depth like, I’m already hooked. Like, it was actually quite fun to watch.

Kelly Lui 8:12
Yeah, I was gonna say, I’m glad you actually stuck through and you watch that replay. That’s pretty common in a lot of Korean dramas at the end. After they do, they show you a few like stills, some highlights from the episode, they usually do this replay, where it’s, you get to see a different perspective on a scene. And in this one, you get that extended beginning part from Captain Ray’s perspective when he first sees Siri. So

Aram Collier 8:42
yeah, that was so interesting. So I mean, it before that, you know, it’s pretty like, I guess, like, objective, like showing different scenes of all the different characters, which we didn’t actually list. But, you know, it seems like it’s mostly steadies story, but then it makes you think with that scene, it’s like, oh, maybe they’re gonna center it on him. In some episodes, too. I guess I don’t. Yeah, that like that, that perspective. So. Yeah. I mean, in a way, like I was kind of a little bit bummed that we’re skipping to the end, but at the same time, like seeing that there’s like, 16 episodes, and they’re all an hour and a half, like, half the time. I don’t have the stamina for that. So

Kelly Lui 9:25
yeah, and this finale is, I believe, just over two hours, so. Wow. Oh, yeah, you’re in for a ride. So I do have some questions. As we prime ourselves for the finale. I am curious about your knowledge of Korean dramas, like whatever knowledge you might have. We do get that first. We do get to see that first meet between our main characters in the first episode and you No, I’m kind of curious what your projection is for our, our pair. What might have what might they encounter? I know that’s like very broad but I think that’s like judging from the judging from the kind of meet cute moment,

Aram Collier 10:19
you know, he is super bound to his duty and by the book she’s a bit of a wild card. I’m very independent. And I you know, I mean, it’s such a rom com moment so they’re going to learn from each other and meet in the middle somehow.

Kelly Lui 10:45
It’s your I actually read like, even myself rewatching I was like, Oh, you know, like, for example, yeah, Captain Rhea. He has such a goofy character when he’s with you really feels different. But anyways, I guess a big part of this film is will Siri every ever get back home? Do you think she will get back home?

Aram Collier 11:09
She is definitely she’s definitely gonna get back home. Absolutely. I totally believe that’s going to happen. I don’t know how but definitely. Captain re and the crew. It’s in their own interest to make it happen as well.

Kelly Lui 11:29
Well, what do you think it might happen? And in this 16th episode, I’m gonna say about like,

Aram Collier 11:40
halfway, halfway, I was like, how many episodes are 16? Yeah. 16. So I would say like, Episode 9899 she gonna get back because like, there’s gonna be so much happening with the company, and all that kind of stuff with her brothers. And then this dude in China, who seems like they were implying that they’re like, Where can we go that has no cell phones and no internet. It’s like, Okay, well, they’re clearly gonna go to North Korea. So maybe that’s a way that she gets back through the con man guy. Okay, and then and then the and then the commander commander Joe is gonna be like on their ass. Like he’s a bad dude. Yeah, key he killed those treasure hunters that he commissioned.

Kelly Lui 12:36
Yeah. The grave grave robbers? Um, yeah. on that. It’s very common that in Korean dramas, there is the love triangle. And I think I’ve talked to you before about second lead syndrome, where you know, you miss, which is where you might find yourself feeling that that second lead is more deserving to be, you know, the love interest of our main character. has met the SEC, have we met this one on the first episode? This is what I’m saying. Do you think that there is a second lead? And if so?

Aram Collier 13:18
I’m not gonna say yeah, I’m gonna say it’s the con man. I’m gonna say it’s a con man. Because he’s pretty good. Looks. Like you. He had like, fancy a fancy suit on. So yeah, that’s what I and then and then I see like a pathway to her getting back maybe through him. And and then it’s like, she has something that he she can help him with. And it’s tricky. It’s tricky. Yeah. Unless there’s some, like handsome villager that we haven’t met yet. But

Kelly Lui 14:01
okay, now moving to the family drama, though. The first episode really sets it up. Well, she’s clearly you know, her, you know, her family just seem like, all them seem like horrible. People, to say the least. How do you do you have any predictions on whether there will be any? Like, is there any hope for her to for I guess for her family and her to maybe be still be some kind of family or do you think that it’s a lost cause? Maybe, or you can just speak maybe to the mother?

Aram Collier 14:43
I think they will. They will resolve something. It’ll be like when you were gone. I realized how much I loved you. Like the mom will think that like when we thought you were dead. Then I realized I had regrets or something like that and And, and your father saw the right things in you or something like that. And then they’re gonna have to explain how she became a strange how sad he became estranged from her family. Which was not explained she just is. And, yeah, is she gonna have those shoulder pads throughout when she gets?

Kelly Lui 15:32
Yeah, those are that powerful shoulder pads? Yeah. Oh, I was gonna just ask like, from I feel like this first episode, even though there’s so much going on, it’s because it’s just like introducing so many things like so many characters, so many landscapes what you can expect for the rest of the show? So I was kind of curious, do you have like, maybe an a character that you are, you know, keeping an eye out for and hoping?

Aram Collier 16:01
Oh, um, I mean, I’m, you know, there was just like a scene there. I think I think the sergeant pillow is gonna be a factor into this, at least as comic relief. And maybe, maybe said he’s assistant, her main assistant, Mr. Hong, I think the kind of like jolly faced assistant, he might come back in some way. And then also the sisters in law, like our brothers, wives, especially, like, there’s that scene with, where she’s at a prayer group. And like, trying to get sympathy, I thought that was hilarious. So I would like to see more of that kind of like, this little detailed twists, you know, that are that are just kind of funny, you know, that that give character to these different, you know, different figures. But, um, yeah, I mean, it’s totally like, it was so packed, and you just kind of getting just a tiny, tiny bit from these. Oh, and then I’m sure some of the like baby faced members of Captain Rees crew are going to come in for like, a bit of melodrama. I think, like, there’s the guy who’s reading his a letter from his mom, who he hadn’t seen in 10 years. And, and he was crying. And so like, that’ll come in somehow, you know, it’s hard to get, I think this is happens on a lot of pilot episodes, basically, as you, you know, they’re they’re just trying to introduce so much that you don’t, you don’t have a groove yet. You don’t even get a sense of how this show is even going to be presented in a lot of ways. And then like, I’m just sure there’s going to be villagers who factor into this too, that we haven’t met yet. That will probably be like, interesting or funny or something like that.

Kelly Lui 18:04
Can you predict a plot? One plot twist? And it’s a very big question, but um, yeah, maybe one plot twist and one cliche, let’s do that. A wedding. So is that your plot twist? Or is that your cliche?

Aram Collier 18:27
Oh, the cliche. A wedding? Smile, see the dad Wait, did that come back from the from prison or from a hospital? Because if he came back from prison, then then somebody is going to the hospital. Okay. Somebody is going to go to hospital and they’re going to fear for their lives. And I you know, I’m I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s specific. But you know, I’m, I’m curious to see like, This definitely has like the lighter tone to it. It’s not like a like a totally weepy drama, but I’m sure that we’re gonna get to that. Because like, I’m so you know, like, I’m not I tell two stories about like, the kind of like, I guess, almost cliche of Korean dramas is that you know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna cry a little bit, right is that a few years ago, my son was asking, he said, Dad, do do adults cry. I’m like, of course. Of course they do. You haven’t seen mommy and daddy cries like no. Like, have you seen other adults cry? It’s like Yeah, but only like, when how many watches Korean dramas. So good. And then and then you know, we’ll do a Korean drama. She just says way way way Good god that’s so so that we didn’t get that in this first episode but that’s got to be in here whether it’s the like the soldiers the villagers, the mother daughter, the wedding, the hospital

Kelly Lui 20:25
wedding between who

Aram Collier 20:32
it’s gonna be city and con man I don’t know and it’ll be like a like a sham What? I don’t know there’s when there’s like 16 episodes in there an hour and a half each like this show can literally go in any direction. I’m curious if there’s ever going to be more paragliding because like is it going to be more crash landing on you or is it just crash landing on you? The one time we thought

Kelly Lui 21:09
well just have to see I think that’s our cue for the finale. No, I think we’re ready I think we’re primed all right all right. Let’s go stewardess. Em Do you have your tissues?

Aram Collier 21:31
I don’t have any context so it’s hard to tell if it’s earned or not.

I mean, you know even even though these episodes are super long like the the length of a movie they sit they definitely milk things a lot more than like a two hour movie would you got to get that music you got to get that needle drop in there. Yeah.

All angles slow. Oh, no, he’s already passing by. Okay, but also how is everyone else now? Listen guys guns drawn tears in their eyes.

Kelly Lui 22:37
an hour and 18 minutes ago it’s still a nova still jam packed.

Aram Collier 22:50
Okay. Kidnapping Of course. Why could I not have seen that? down? It’s so obvious. So how many episodes did she in the village?

Kelly Lui 23:09
You were actually pretty accurate. She I think she was episode three to nine or episode time that she returned. Oh, yeah. Yeah, but ended up so nice. So the beginning of Episode 10 sheet. Two to documentum Yeah, comment had really interesting fashion. That’s like iconic. Oh, velvet. blazer. Yeah. Come on. Man.

Aram Collier 23:55
Got no game? No game. Oh, what? She was also in Switzerland. Wait, did they know each other back then? No, no, obviously not.

Props to that, like CIA agent who came up with the phone idea. Yeah. How romantic. Would you do that? Would you do paragliding?

Kelly Lui 24:42
It does look a lot of fun. But I mean, that Twister tornado scene was not very fun.

Aram Collier 24:53
They get the worst white dudes, to act in these shows.

I’m like, I really think I could act better than these guys. Just like, I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I can pass.

Just like grab white dudes off the street. You know. Hey.

Kelly Lui 25:50
Do we need a washroom break? No, I’m good. Yeah. Well, I was gonna say you, you’re pretty spot on. I think when you were mentioning Oh, like what? What episode should be back in South Korea? You were close. Close. Very close. Your I guess I’ll take it. I’ll take it. I would say yeah, episode nine, just the quarter end of it. Um, when? Oh, gonna have to like what else that I you asked you

Aram Collier 26:25
asked the second lead syndrome or something? Like, what’s that term?

Kelly Lui 26:30
Yes, I can. Yeah. Would you have second lien syndrome?

Aram Collier 26:34
So who’s the second lead? To have syndrome? What about you? No. Okay, so

Kelly Lui 26:41
this one’s interesting, because I feel like there are second leads, but then from straight up, you just know they have like, absolutely no chance. So, and the second lead happens to be con man. Okay, so Okay,

Aram Collier 27:01
so I’m June and when when you watch the series, did you have second leads? intro? Oh,

Kelly Lui 27:06
no. Because he also wasn’t like, I didn’t really like him as a as a character. So it was kind of easy. It’s like, Oh, I don’t want to feel swayed and like, anxious. And like,

Aram Collier 27:21
is it usually the male characters that are subject to second lead syndrome? Or does it happen with the with women characters, women leads?

Kelly Lui 27:32
Yeah, I feel like second lead is often attributed, I would say to the male love interest. What? That the, the male lead will always have like, there will be some past lover or like, prearranged fiance who will show up and kind of destroy a relationship. So that was that was

Aram Collier 28:04
done. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I didn’t see that coming at all. Like that was like there was no indication of I mean, maybe if I went back and looked in the first episode, maybe there was like, some mention of it, because they did mention that. That Captain read john Chung, they did mention that he was from like, a rich or elite family. So maybe there was something that was mentioned there. But But otherwise, there was like, no indication of who that somebody like her would show up. But obviously 16 episodes, hour and a half each. And got to fill so

Kelly Lui 28:53
gotta fill it out. Yeah, so I don’t know. For me, it was kind of nice that I guess the two second leads. They had a relationship though. A very tragic one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I

Aram Collier 29:10
thought watching this, like, I thought she was like, gonna plan some kind of revenge. It seemed like that. And maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. Like when she was. She had the I’m talking about Don, and she was at the cafe to sunglasses, but I guess it was more about like, making amends. Right. Rather than she said, payback, I want payback or something.

Kelly Lui 29:39
I think when she Yeah, there’s sunglass scene where she meets with one of the I guess, I don’t, I guess gang members, whatever. She gets that information that that helps with, I guess. getting serious second brother. Kind of Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, okay, okay. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah. But it was like very kind of anti comment. I was like, yeah. Guns a blazing. Yeah. Well,

Aram Collier 30:09
I mean, starting off the episode with a gun fight, definitely felt like I was paragliding into. I definitely felt like I was crashed lightning into the episode. But no, I mean, well, just overall, you know, it’s funny because I mentioned the other Korean drama that I had watched the entire thing of, and that also had a classically trained pianist storyline. But it took place in Vienna instead of do they all have this? No, I don’t think so. What’s going?

Kelly Lui 31:01
Yeah. Oh, I was. I was also going to say your other answers were also like, pretty close. I mean, when I was like asking you like, how do you think Siri is gonna get back to South Korea? And can you take a guess that at how many attempts? Actually that’s a trivia question I’ll ask. I’ll ask you that later.

Aram Collier 31:24
Okay. Should we? Okay, I have one last question. Okay. Because I think we should do trivia. I two questions. Okay. Okay. Do you like Do you like read wit? Which hairstyle? do you prefer? over? Like, Captain MRI or Chung hot? Like, stylized styled, blow dryer? blow dryer style? You have to choose Oh, that’s so hard. It’s harder than noodles and rice. Like either. Okay, potatoes. Okay. Yeah.

Kelly Lui 32:15
Okay, I think I’m going to find another way to answer this but I kind of a very lazy person and I don’t like to use hair products so probably, Captain. Okay. Do you have a preferred look?

Aram Collier 32:32
Um, you know, I think I think I like the captain re haircut not as like not that it is statically is a better haircut. But it I think it just fit him better. Like I don’t know to me like the last last scene then seem

happy so like it seemed it was feeling some strain that last like chalet seen. chalet picnic. See. Am I the only one because I does my last question is like, do you think it’s gonna work out?

I don’t think it’s going to.

Kelly Lui 33:16
Yeah, it is very, it’s a very bittersweet ending. Yeah, cuz you kind of get, like, in any k drama, you would hope. Besides, I guess, like more mellow, dramatic series. You You’re watching because you want that happy? And? Yeah. Yeah. And that’s one. I think the first time when I finished her, I was like, is this?

Aram Collier 33:42
Is this the ending we want? Oh, okay. So you felt that way too. It was more of the circumstance like that. It’s like, Oh, she gets like a two week handhold under the table.

Kelly Lui 33:55
Yeah, and also like logistics, but like, can they still communicate during the year? Like, does he have to like, I don’t know, send those schedule text messages. Or how do they? How do they meet? Like how do

Aram Collier 34:17
yeah, I don’t know. This is a bit a little bit bittersweet. Should we should we do the art? trivia questions?

Kelly Lui 34:28
Yeah, we should definitely do. All right. All right. So let’s start. Um, what was the first meal that Captain re cooked for?

Aram Collier 34:42
Sorry. Oh, my God. Well, it was the it’s got to be the noodles and new rongji right. Something like that. That Okay, well, you left the he left the menu on the or the recipe on the fridge, right.

Kelly Lui 34:58
Yeah, you Okay, you got it right, but it was I would say it was noodles and noodles and rice. No, it was just noodles. First just noodles. Can Washington second episode?

Aram Collier 35:12
Oh, it’s in the second episode. So he makes her food. Yeah. In the village.

No cuz I just home. Everything’s

his home is in the village right?

Kelly Lui 35:23
Yeah in the village Yeah.

Aram Collier 35:23

Kelly Lui 35:24
Sorry, I was like no no. not in the village.

Aram Collier 35:27
Okay, so that’s where they kind of like a meet up again.

Kelly Lui 35:33
Yeah. Okay so you know how at the end of Episode One key like whisker behind this like, oh that’s right, that’s right. Yeah, yeah, yeah so that’s his home and yeah she has to go she has to be pretty like yeah she has to go under an alias and she loves like with him. Oh,

Aram Collier 35:56
I might watch some of the village stuff because I’m curious about how that all kind of like played out. Yeah, I mean there is a little bit of a missing out feeling actually now that I kind of like rescind it that I feel okay about that I skipped but like kind of like the family intrigue stuff is like, you know, but some of the other things like the village stuff in the in the village crew, the his squadron. Like That would be fun to watch, I think.

Kelly Lui 36:28
Yeah, there’s there’s a lot of like, really tender scenes. And I would say yeah, that that’s what made the show for me. That’s like sometimes I was like, upset because I was like, okay, they’re they’re important too and thought about these lovebirds only. How many tries did it take for them to get Siri to cross the border? back to South Korea? Huh?

Aram Collier 36:57
How many?

Kelly Lui 36:58
or How many? Or if, if Yeah, I don’t know, or? I don’t know.

Aram Collier 37:05
I mean, since you’re asking, there’s got to be more than one. So re so like, the, but it doesn’t sound like the like, so she was in a coma in this episode or whatever. So but that was like Episode 16. And she came back in nine or 10. So yeah, I’m gonna say three

Kelly Lui 37:35
to two. I was like, wait, I know the answer. But why does?

Aram Collier 37:41
I’ll say three. I’ll say three.

Kelly Lui 37:43
Okay, I think that was a bad question goes on. Like, Oh, I know the answer. But I would have to say it out loud. Yes, it’s the first time they try to through the boat route. Didn’t work. Second time was. They were I guess, yeah, you’re right. I guess it was three. Yeah. Second time. They weren’t going with the whole track team. Attract. Oh, okay. Can I do the same thing? With then she missed her? Her flight. And that’s like, very dramatic. So

Aram Collier 38:20
also highly recommend watching. Oh, I missed flight? Of course. Yes.

Kelly Lui 38:25
Miss like, and yes. Then the third time is? Oh, wait, actually, no, it’s for the third time is your guests actually, because the whole thing was con man. was they met in the end of meeting and he’s like, Okay, if we can get married, I can get you out of here. Oh, and then she chooses to leave him? Yeah. Hmm. It’s okay. You know how you were like guessing that? Oh, he’s gonna be involved. Yeah. Oh, there. So originally, she thought that was a good plan, because Oh, she was like, yeah, you know, I just can’t get home. He’s gonna help me. But the thing is, this is happening really close to the Miss flight. And I’ll just say Captain really is not in a very good condition. So she ends up choosing him over leaving, and Oh, okay. And then the fourth time is like the success of her getting back home and that is like, I would say, top top seeds. Oh, really? Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Aram Collier 39:52
Yeah. Yeah, and Okay, don’t tell me how they do it though. Yeah.

Kelly Lui 40:02
Okay, do you think that this drama was based off of a true story or not?

Aram Collier 40:09
Oh? Oh, that’s a good question. I’m gonna say. I mean, how much of it right, like, yeah. It’s almost like if you’re asking then it’s got to be true. Right?

Kelly Lui 40:34
Yeah. Yeah.

Aram Collier 40:35
I mean, I don’t think I mean, I don’t think somebody did somebody paraglide in probably not now, but somebody falling in love with some officer.

Kelly Lui 40:49
Okay, actually, yes. Yeah, but can we actually backpedal to the previous? previous question? Actually, the answer should be five. She okay. After the boat incident doesn’t happen. She tries to paraglide her way back. Oh, okay. And obviously, it doesn’t work. Okay. there and yeah, they have their have their moment there. But yeah, so that’s pretty good. No, that’s a lot.

Aram Collier 41:19
That’s a way more than I would expect to because. So that’s almost like she almost tries every episode until it works. Which I guess makes sense.

Kelly Lui 41:30
Okay, so back to the true or false. You’re right. The premise was inspired by actually South Korean actress Jiang Yang. So apparently, yeah, yeah. So apparently in 2008. Like her boat was swept away. And apparently across the border. Yeah. Yeah, I actually didn’t really know about this. She hear about it.

Aram Collier 42:00
But so okay, but then the actress was in a boat. And so did she make it back or what?

Kelly Lui 42:11
Um, so I think like her and whoever was on the boat was rescued after it landed. Wait. Yeah, I think they got they ended up being rescued. I don’t think that romance. Drama happened. Yeah, I think it was just it from what I’m reading. It seems like it. They crossed the border. And that was like the big drama

Aram Collier 42:44
like a maritime border. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Inspired. So ripped from the headlines

Kelly Lui 42:50
inspired all of this. Yeah. Okay. Mmm hmm. Next question. Oh, so when Sarah is in the village, she there’s like, various things that she has to do to get accustomed to the lifestyle there and also to, you know, blend in with everyone. She gets a haircut. What is the name of her haircut?

Aram Collier 43:23
Oh, uh, the name of her haircut? Um, is it so dodgy?

No, okay. Because when she showed them with the cosmetics, she said that word. I was like, okay, that’s weird. Like that. Talking about that. So I’m like, oh, maybe that’s what I know. No.

Kelly Lui 43:56
So she got the goodbye haircut. I think when Oh, she goes to the salon. She’s like, given

Aram Collier 44:02
Oh, okay, because Okay, so so in this app in this last episode, yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah,

Kelly Lui 44:09
I know. There’s a lot of like circling back. So I

Aram Collier 44:18
guess it’s not Yeah, you can read you. It’s like they have their flashbacks. But then you have your own flashbacks of like, other references and stuff. Right.

Kelly Lui 44:25
Yeah. So this is not a true question. But just like, Siri got between like a bullet. You know, I guess between like, a gun and Captain MRI. He also did something similar for her like, episodes. How many times did he get shot? Yeah. A lot of shooting. It’s actually I was actually pretty shocked at the file and strama I think Even in this last episode, we were both like, I think we both were shocked at that scene where his dad shoots. Yeah. It was like, Oh, yeah, Starling. I think the last time Captain we need to his older brother, his older brother gives him a gift. What is that gift? A black turtleneck. No. The camera. Okay, that’s actually pretty, pretty good. I mean, good answer, but it’s a watch. And okay, so this watch. I didn’t see any watches. I didn’t see any watches. Episodes I saw. So, um, so essentially, this watch ends up having to be like, Oh, wait, no. Oh, my God. Sorry. I think is it the other way around? Okay, so sorry. I think Captain really gave his brother the walk. Yes. aqueous clearly don’t remember. trauma. Okay, Captain v gave this Yep. Okay, I’m gonna. Okay, no, I’m not gonna ask the question again. Sorry. Kathy. gave a watch to his older brother. The watch ends up getting I don’t know, ends up in a pawn shop. And Siri actually ends up buying that watch. And gifting.

Aram Collier 46:40
Oh, come on. Okay, but this is like, are you such as I mean, you know, you’re in it. You’re in the world, but just sometimes, it really stretches the like, it really stretches. But okay. Okay,

Kelly Lui 46:57
but the watches play a really important part because there’s like, Okay, well, if you’re going to watch the 14 episodes, I’ll keep that to myself. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. So where did okay. So, Captain Ray before he was Captain re What? Where was he? And what was he doing?

Aram Collier 47:21
Um, well, he was a piano prodigy studying in Switzerland. That it was okay, maybe, maybe, maybe more. If you’re asking there must be more.

Kelly Lui 47:42
No, no, no. Yeah. No, you are correct. He was just a piano student and the whole thing was, he was able to live the life that he wanted and his brother. You know, it was, you know, a captain and was falling. Other and then. Yeah. Well, I guess on that, how did his brother like die?

Aram Collier 48:08
He He jumped off a bridge. Because that’s when he saw her. He knew that. Oh, this is so bad. Um, something? Yeah, I think he committed suicide. No, no. Okay. Then what? Okay, then what else could Oh, a landmine?

Kelly Lui 48:36
No, no. I don’t know if you want one of our guests. It okay. No, I have no, I’m okay. I was gonna give you a clue. But you know, do you remember the first episode that like very scary military vehicle with the Oh, yeah, sure. Yeah. So essentially, Commander Chow was behind it. And yeah, I think it was like a similar thing where you know, he’s obviously super corrupt and obviously capital gains brothers also very, I guess, respectable person. And I guess he was gonna like out him for something. Or there was something something that happened and yeah, that vehicle Yeah, was another kind of like, oh, man, that guy’s like guys bad news. Yeah, he’s, he’s bad news. So it’s, it wasn’t just yeah, there’s like a lot like that guy has like a lot of things he did wrong. But um, so this show was, you know, rated the highest Korean drama show and 2020. And when the finale came out, the streaming website and this country crashed because there’s just like, too much Why not watch it? Well, country did this happen to?

Aram Collier 50:08
I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s got to be something with low bandwidth. So North Korea

Kelly Lui 50:24
No, no. Canada, I guess close up China. Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh, really?

Aram Collier 50:34
So this did really well there, huh?

Kelly Lui 50:36
Yeah, yeah, apparently it. Yeah, this trip. I guess a streaming site where you can watch the show crashed. Wow. Yep. Okay.

Aram Collier 50:49
Well, I think this was a fun. This was a fun experiment. We, we, from the beginning, backstory, we always said we do some weird things and try out new things. This is fun.

Kelly Lui 51:05
Yeah, that was a lot of fun. But I guess now you have an extra 21 hours of your time. So what are you going to do with that time?

Aram Collier 51:16
Oh, I’m going to take a paragliding

Kelly Lui 51:26
we have you ever gone paragliding before?

Aram Collier 51:29
No. I would not do that I would not do Paragon. I don’t know. I don’t think so. No.

Backstory podcast is presented by the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. It’s written hosted by Kelly Lui and Aram Collier, produced and edited by Seungwoo. Baek. For more information about the show in the festival, please visit our website at Reel asian.com. If you’re itching to connect with us, you’re always welcome to write us at backstory@reelasian.com.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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