S2E6. Play Me 🖭


Aram and Kelly exchange their summer k-pop playlists to chill away the heat waves.

You can find Aram and Kelly’s summer mixtape here (https://bit.ly/backstory-playlist) or here (https://bit.ly/backstory-spotify-playlist).

This episode uses or mentions the following multimedia samples and sources:

  • “Say Good Night”, Joakim Karud
  • “Morpho Diana”, Rachel Collier
  • “Haru Haru”, Big Bang
  • “View”, SHINee


Please note below transcription was made using speech recognition software, and as such may contain inaccuracies, misspellings, or errors.

Aram Collier 0:11
Hello, welcome to backstory. I’m Aram Collier.

Kelly Lui 0:14
And I’m Kelly Lui.

Aram Collier 0:15
Well, Kelly, it’s finally summer time. And we have a kind of fun episode, we hope. Mostly, we talk a lot about movies, because we’re filming on this podcast, but you know, we’ve also talked a lot about shows media. And this is an episode that we’ve kind of been talking about for a long time. I think since February,

Kelly Lui 0:44
actually, even earlier, I think in our January episode, we talked

Aram Collier 0:50
Well, it definitely in the depths of winter, we talked, we are looking forward to the summer. And so what we’re going to do is, so Kelly, and I actually really like watching Kpop, or listening to Kpop and, and Kpop videos. So we often, you know, message each other about them about new videos and whatnot, so. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to each, pick three songs, hopefully, that will put you in a summer mood, and it will compile a playlist and and we’re also going to try that through anchor. We can insert full songs throughout the episode. So if you have a Spotify Premium account, you’ll be able to listen to all songs in full. But if not, you’ll you may be able to only listen to 10 seconds of it. But I guess I guess two things, Kelly, before we get to our picks, we’re not Kpop experts. We gotta say that right out?

Kelly Lui 1:51
Yeah, not at all. We’re just casual rookies who watch Kpop you know?

Aram Collier 1:59
Yeah, for the I mean, I kept like picking these songs, because I was just like, Oh, no, like, the true fans are gonna be like, Man, you just pick those because the algorithm told you to. It’s like, that’s how you consume it. But I don’t know. I mean, I think I don’t know about you, cuz I’m a little older. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. And like, Kpop, and its rise, it’s been incredible. Like, I would have never I would have never thought something like this would happen, you know, like an Asian cultural movement would have such a such a place in the culture.

Kelly Lui 2:41
Yeah, I think I think I was telling you about. Yeah. I guess an acquaintance of mine who is making a comment about how Kpop still seemed like a subculture and I was like, Oh, no, no, just because you seen a music video. It’s, it’s, it’s not a Yeah, it’s not anymore. or not, not that it’s not anymore. But it’s just, yeah,

Aram Collier 3:04
you you you have a McDonald’s menu. You’re the culture right. So definitely, you know, for the real Kpop fans out there don’t come after us with our pics and definitely obviously want to hear about your own suggestions and whatnot. So if you want to write to us at backstory at Reel Asian calm please do but yeah, he just yet the the cultural element is really incredible. And but it’s also really fun music and I think it really fits for a summer playlist.

Kelly Lui 3:43
We were talking about this in the winter when we’re still you know, processing existence through COVID. And I think we both shared how I know your your pic was unnecessary. Kpop but it was these music videos that had like, guided us through COVID Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. It’s it’s finally summer. So we can now officially talk about it.

Aram Collier 4:09
Okay, so so for you. What makes a summer song like what, what, what makes you think of summer or like putting this playlist together? What were you thinking about?

Kelly Lui 4:20
Yeah, that’s a great question. Aram. I was I think it was like going back and forth on like how to hone in. But I think going back to my roots, my rom com roots. My you know, yeah, that being the center of it. I think the three songs that I picked, kind of have this I guess sort of narrative arc in terms of summer romances, or maybe not necessarily romances, but maybe relationships. That’s Yeah, and that’s kind of how I think That’s kind of how I decided and landed on the three, three songs. I know where we’re, we’re planning to present them in a specific way. So I wouldn’t say the linear. I guess, growth of these relationships is in the right order. But um, yeah, that’s okay. And I’m really yeah, I’m kind of curious. Actually, what your three songs.

Aram Collier 5:25
Yeah. Yeah. So we don’t know what each other’s songs are gonna be. And then what? And then we’re also going to pick one music video, and we’re going to comment on it, we’re going to play it through and play our commentary. So for me, I also picked a romancey type of thing, but I wasn’t thinking rom com. You know, I mean, I was definitely thinking summer song should be it should be fun. It should be up being movable. If you don’t, if you’re not a dancer, that’s fine. But you know, makes you want to move a little bit. And it’s about possibilities. And like, summer crash, and, and, and sexy hopes and dreams.

Kelly Lui 6:09
Yes. Really important. Yeah. I think we might have some overlap, but I’m excited.

Aram Collier 6:16
Yeah, I think I, I mean, we’re, we definitely wanted to land on a genre of music, and we pick Kpop. And, you know, how much variants and in Kpop music sorry, Kpop fans, but like, a lot of songs are about this kind of stuff, right? As many pop songs are. So, um, so I think it’s okay, that we’re kind of aligned on this. So, do you want to reveal your three? And tell us the story of your top three pillar playlist? Summer playlist?

Kelly Lui 6:52
Yeah. Okay. So I’m not in any order right now. But I know I should follow in order, but I’m sorry. I can’t do that.

Aram Collier 7:00
I’ll just do it. It’s like one of those like, movies that jumps away time, right?

Kelly Lui 7:05
Yeah. Okay. Well, I think I would start with actually the music video with that. I will live comment later on. And that’s Haru Haru by Big Bang. Okay. Um, yeah, I wanted to start it off with with this song in particular, just to go back to my origins, my entry point to Kpop. And that kind of being through k dramas, sort of, and I would have to say, I know you haven’t seen this video. But Aram you’re in for a ride. And it just, yeah, they’re just like so many, like melodramatic relationship tropes in it. And yeah, I think it’s one of my favorite comments, which I’ll reveal later about the film like the YouTube comments. Yeah, I think, I don’t know if I should say no, kind of makes it anyway.

Aram Collier 7:57
Say, Hey, okay,

Kelly Lui 7:58
I’ll save it. I’ll save it. I’ll save it.

Aram Collier 8:01
Okay, so we got Haru Haru by Big Bang

Kelly Lui 8:03
Yeah. And then I chose Soulmate by Zico. That it’s a duet with IU. Oh, okay. Yeah. And this kite. It’s like, Kpop-ish. But this is kind of like a more. I think that I wrote down the Doki Doki feelings. It’s not necessarily like, I know, it’s a soulmate. But for me the way I read it, too, it could be platonic. But I think what you were saying and your turtle is statement about? Oh, yeah, about a summer songs, you know, just the hope and possibility and like, you know, maybe a song that I don’t know, I was just thinking, Okay, something that you want to like, spend time with your friends or? Yeah, and so this one’s like, like a really cute song. And the music video was like, really great. And then third song is Oh, yeah, it’s it’s Taemin and I had a really hard choice deciding which of his solo songs I should pick, but at the end, I think I’m going with want Yeah, I think I’m gonna go with want. And this is kind of like what you’re saying or I’m about possibilities like, and like yeah, sexy possible. I think the reason why I chose Taemin I am a late I had a late entry into SHINee I have to actually credit Aram for making me give them a second shot like a second try. And I really did fall hard. On the shiny Yeah, I just like fully shovel train. Yeah, exactly. The shallow train. I’m like, fully immersed, fully there. And then Taemin Yeah, his soul stuff is like He’s just a mood and I think in this kind of arc of rom com personal, I guess like romance development, I think this relationship with yourself and like Taemin and his own independent work is kind of there are ties to shiny but he’s he just has his own like, feel and look and he’s got this much edgier feel than Good Boy. Boy Band shine he is. Yeah, no. Yeah, I was. Yeah, I’ve been like, falling hard for 10 months content right now. And he has that new song advice. I don’t know if you seen that. But I think I’ve seen that one yet. Yeah. I mean, it’s it’s very consistent with his other songs. But it’s, it’s

Aram Collier 10:48
Yeah, it’s so well, he’s so interesting. Because Yeah, he is a mood and. And when you see him in Chinese, like he he’s very much the like, team player. So that’s, that’s pretty cool. And I don’t think that’s unique to him. I mean, I think a lot of a lot of artists within Kpop who are in groups and do solo stuff like they do that. So. I mean, I think that’s, I think that’s admirable.


Aram Collier 0:00
That’s a good segue for mine for my picks. Because You teased it a little bit these are not necessarily my order, but I guess it is my order. So I did pick a shiny song. My, my song is view, which I love for so many reasons. It’s just a great it’s a great jam. Slide classic song, and it’s definitely about sexy hopes and dreams. Yes. So, and I like them as a group because they have such different voices in and vocal, like quality vocal texture, and then it comes together and in the songs. And then and then my next one is a is a song. It’s called trash and it’s by when featuring pH one I think, and and so when is a has a solo album. She’s in mamma Moo. And but she’s got this great, like 90s r&b, pop, pop r&b vibe, you know, kind of like, Monica, Brandy Aaliyah kind of thing. So I don’t think this is her best song. But it’s really, it’s really fun. It’s upbeat. It captures that, that kind of summer crash where you can’t stop thinking about somebody else. So I think it fit well within my curatorial statement. And then my last one is tomorrow by Chanyeol. And so it’s kind of like a comedown song. Right? as kind of a night time, so about that long train ride home. Because sexy hopes and dreams sometimes have moments of regret and wondering about what’s next.

Kelly Lui 2:04
That’s very important.

Aram Collier 2:08
All right. So these will form the kind of like center of our summer playlist. We’re gonna make a YouTube playlist of these two. And then we’re gonna add some other ones that were kind of like our our shortlisted songs and we’ll add some of those. So if people want to put something on while you’re doing the dishes, or or whatever, having a party at your own house, you can you can put some of these songs on


Aram Collier 0:00
Shall we go to your music video? And oh, yeah, and your commentary, okay, but I’ve not seen this music video so I’m really good.

Kelly Lui 0:08
Mmm do you do you have a tissue box nearby?

Aram Collier 0:12
Oh, I do. I do. Okay, okay, yeah,

Kelly Lui 0:15
you need that.

Aram Collier 0:16
Is this a slow jam? Like, like like a ballot

Kelly Lui 0:21
kind of ish but you’ll see in the okay

Aram Collier 0:27
I’m gonna let you talk

Kelly Lui 0:29
Okay, you’re gonna let me talk all right

Aram Collier 0:31
I may I may in tone some reactions.

Kelly Lui 0:34
Oh yeah, I welcome that. Okay, let’s go let’s go. Okay, I’m liking that it’s 240 p i have to comment that this is from 2008 I don’t know if you recognize but that’s actually Minyoung Park who is in a lot of other key drama. like to think she started here. Oh,

Aram Collier 0:58
well look at this eyeshadow.

Kelly Lui 1:00
Yes, this is like heavy mascara. Ah Oh, something’s going on. I love this cuz you know, typically you see the group as a cohesive but here there’s already some kind of conflict.

Aram Collier 1:17
Oh, no.

Kelly Lui 1:17
Second lead first lead What’s happening? So good. I just love how it’s between G DRAGON and top and like the other members are just kind of there. I do want to also point out the fashion of the day. The pop color.

Aram Collier 1:41
It’s definitely arts arts fashion.

Kelly Lui 1:43
Yeah. And it’s so interesting because like this is when Big Bang was like two years into their career. So they’re quite young then still. Oh, are you ready? Oh

Aram Collier 2:02
that’s a really small dandy

Kelly Lui 2:06
but a very cool band aid. Very cool. Yeah, I just I just love again this trope of you know, a very emotional and kind of, I guess male characters broken broken window. I guess singing in a in a bathroom tiled washer

Aram Collier 2:37
so good

Kelly Lui 2:38
and just the timing of this in the in the parking underground parking oh I think that look there’s something up Oh gee dragons not having

just oh my god this like build up is so great. But it just runs like a K drama in five minutes. Yeah, that’s I think the emotional outbursts are very necessary. breaking things very melodramatic color palette is very

Aram Collier 3:29
it’s so it’s so accurate and there’s no dancing

Kelly Lui 3:32
there’s yeah there’s no

Aram Collier 3:34
dance I can’t dance when I feel like this

Kelly Lui 3:37
yeah oh no friends are torn whether I should let him in on something or not Oh the reveal

Aram Collier 3:52
Oh, no. This was the turn. Yeah,

Kelly Lui 3:56
exactly. It’s not what you expected right? It’s not good it’s Yes. Dang finally is like I need to let G DRAGON know. X has is is terminally ill. This part I don’t quite get in terms of their style with the crown and

Aram Collier 4:16
the Burger King crown. I

Kelly Lui 4:21
think they’re just there. We’re still trying to figure out themselves then But yeah, I just the drama in this video is just unreal. And I think it just like a lot of Korean music videos being so cinematic. This is really on the nose cinematic. Oh, yeah. Yeah, he right now he’s just saying like, you know, she’s always loved you

You know, I was doing this for her and now we’ve got the flashbacks. Oh no.

Aram Collier 5:06
Oh flashback so good.

Kelly Lui 5:12
She couldn’t make it though. Like, will she? Will their love prevail or

Aram Collier 5:16
video camera flashback? Yeah.

Kelly Lui 5:20
At least the memories you know the memories were good. They were there.

Aram Collier 5:43

Kelly Lui 5:45
sometimes in the summer you just need a really good cry. It’s like a summary you just got. Wow. Yeah, Aram, are you blown away?

Aram Collier 5:57
That’s quite the journey. Wow.

I can I can definitely see the the line you drew from our last episode where we did crash lining on you and Korean drama to this. And you You definitely stay true.

Kelly Lui 6:21
Yeah, actually, it’s funny because if we’re doing YouTube comments, one of my favorite YouTube comments on this video is, oh my gosh, I read this entire thing. Okay. It’s pretty long, but it says in case anyone’s still confused. G, D, G, D and top and the rest of the beep BIGBANG members or close friends. The actress was g Dragon’s girlfriend because she pretends to cheat on him with top because she was diagnosed with cancer. Hence her hair falling out chemotherapy rockets. She wants G DRAGON to hate her for betraying Him, and therefore makes it easier on him when she dies. But it’s actually destroying him so much at the other big big numbers hurt watching him. So I’m really trying to let him know. But they some stuffs in there all at the hospital for the final operation and tayong and forms G DRAGON about the surgery. He runs through her. When he gets there, he still doesn’t know the reason behind why top and his girlfriend were together. That’s when top top softserve and reveals the truth. This breaks g Dragon’s heart. When they roll out of the operating theater. It’s too late because she didn’t survive the surgery. And that’s the part of one of Kpop status music videos. Just so it’s so great. And one of the follow up comments was thanks for clearing that up. And then someone else said shortest k drama for me. And someone else said, thanks. After 10 years, I finally got the answer.

Aram Collier 7:59
You gotta you gotta love the YouTube comments on Kpop music videos, because it’s like, on the one hand, like it like falls into like different categories. Right? Like, there’s the this one where it’s like recap, and explanation and sometimes interpretation, and then there’s like, politicking where it’s like, like, you know, such and such label doesn’t believe in them. They need to promote them more. Or such and such is the goat you know, like yeah, like it’s very supportive though. It’s a that they really rally behind really rally behind these groups.

Kelly Lui 8:45
Yeah, it’s it’s really like yeah, it’s that that’s a whole other episode a whole other world. But actually, I’m so excited to hear your, your live commentary on view now.

Aram Collier 8:57
Okay, all right. It’s an amazing song. So it’s a great song objectively, like, musically. Yeah. And the music video is super ridiculous. And I’ve watched it so many times. That there’s just little details in it. That just make me that just made me laugh and and they’re super amusing. We’re gonna see color contact lenses, suggestiveness muscle tees, and Stockholm syndrome in a music videos. Oh my god. How can they fit all that in one music video, and and more and more. So. I mean, this is like a view is like, maybe three minutes long. It’s not long at all. So I’m gonna have to try to do my best here. Okay, the music video starts the band is on tour. Returning from a press junket they don’t want to be at. Let me see a ski mask. And a young woman whispers into min hose here. But what is she saying? And then they’re getting kidnapped. David gets chloroform. But who is kidnapping them? That’s what we need to know. And and the driver is wearing like a driver’s chauffeurs hat over their ski mask, which is hilarious. So they bring them out to the woods. And it’s revealed they’ve been kidnapped by sexy white girls. And, and keyboarding has been knocked on the head, but it’s the smallest paper cut in the world. But we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him. And so this whole so they’re dancing in a garage and it’s a muscle t competition because muscle tees were big at the time. And and so it this is where the Stockholm Syndrome comes in because they they end up liking these, these their kidnappers, their kidnappers and devolve into juvenile delinquency and suggestiveness of their captors, trying to seduce them. But Onew says no, I’m saving myself.

Kelly Lui 11:33

Aram Collier 11:34
So they go on to eat some street noodles in Thailand. It looks like they’re in a Thai suburbs, and the police are after them. And then they run away. And I think they’re gonna jump into a pool or something. No, no, no, no. Oh, yeah. They find an underground club. Yeah. So we’re back to the garage. Some dancing. So times are good. And this is my favorite part right here. Oh, that like hand to the face brushing your chin move. I tried to look that up. Like, what’s the name of that? Cuz I’m pretty sure it’s like a 90s dance shoe. And it’s awesome. But now we’re back into the club. And not all is good out in the real world. This is the bridge of the song is a scuffle in the club, men hoes cracked in the back of the neck with a bottle. And one of the girls is tending to him. And she takes off one of our shirts. Somehow, that’s going to help. And then here there is a little move that Kiba does. These kind of like wiggling and it and it looks like he’s trying to take off a wet swimsuit. And that’s one of my favorite dance moves of this. And then in the end here, we see the guys dancing with their muscle tees. And as if it’s a muscle t competition, and they’re definitely flexing while they’re dancing. And I think Minho has won the muscle t competition. clear, clear winner. And then and then in the end the police have found them and the good times are over.

Kelly Lui 13:23
That was good. I did want to say like I approve of that video. Not I had to say like that one noodle see and I was like Aram, you give me this is the plus one for the noodle game.

Aram Collier 13:42
You know, there the there was some delinquency happening here. underage drinking noodle eating. This is like you know, it’s a it’s really transgressing here so you know. But uh, yeah, I this music video is so packed. And yeah, I just like that. There’s so many there’s so many parts of it that I think in February I just like kept watching. And, and my favorite YouTube comment of this. And there are many. But I think it’s a this short one, or it says the view music video is like a wattpad fanfic in three minutes. And I think recently they did a they were on a show and they were talking about they may release a new version of view, which could go either way, but well, you know, we’ll see.

Kelly Lui 14:47
The video is still very entertaining. So they’ve set a high high high bar for themselves.

Aram Collier 14:58
Yeah, I mean that music video just had it all. So, yeah,

Kelly Lui 15:02
what more could it be? Would it be a part two, like, the police arrives? Like, what is it from that point on? You?

Aram Collier 15:10
Probably gonna have to insert some some k drama in there. So yeah, probably. Well, I mean, hopefully, you know, people will enjoy this playlist that we’ve kind of compiled and put a lot of stress into actually. Because we, we agreed we can only pick three so hopefully people will enjoy it. Yeah, I mean, what, what are some are your summer plans in you know, what are you? What are you going to be doing this summer while you listen to this playlist? Kelly? And what are we working on behind the scenes at relation?

Kelly Lui 15:56
Oh, summer plans? Um, well, I have Dell and I have coriander. Sorry, this is going somewhere. No, yeah.

Aram Collier 16:12
I really want to know now.

Kelly Lui 16:14
Okay, I’m growing Dillon coriander, and they just come back every year. But then every year I just they beat me to flowering and I just cannot handle it. Because once these are these herbs, flower, they, you just can’t use them, but they just grow really fast. It’s been like a three year kind of me trying to figure out what I need to do. And that’s just me going outside and trimming them every day. Sorry. That’s fine. Like it’s

Aram Collier 16:45
it’s a big class.

Kelly Lui 16:48
It’s dramatic, but not. Yeah, it’s like every day. I’m just like, Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare grow anymore? Like I just please stop. But thank you. Yeah, what are your plans?

Aram Collier 17:08
You know, I think probably like a lot of people just trying to get out of the house and enjoy some warm weather because Yeah, sometimes this country can get to here, especially in the midst of a lockdown. So yeah. And then, you know, behind the scenes, we got a lot of things planned for, for the festival. So, you know, kind of keep powering through that and hopefully we’ll have something that people enjoy this November. And planning some more backstory episodes, too. Yes. Super excited. I’m like, oh, how much can we reveal

Kelly Lui 17:46
without actually having to hold up our

Aram Collier 17:52
commit? Yeah, yeah. To festival or podcast.

Backstory podcast is presented by the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. It’s written and hosted by Kelly Lui and Aram Collier, produced and edited by Seungwoo Baek and Jennifer Su. For more information about the show and the festival, please visit us at our website reelasian.com, and check out our show notes for this summer playlist. And if you’d like to share your own summer playlists, you’re always welcome to write us at backstory@reelasian.com.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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