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S2E8. Unsung Untold


Aram and Kelly are joined by Tony, Althea, Ammar, Jen, and Ange to celebrate 10 years of Unsung Voices, Reel Asian’s annual summer workshop for first-time filmmakers. They reminisce over the untold challenges behind their first films, before being put to the test in a round of Unsung Voices trivia. Tune in to the very end to hear more Unsung Voices filmmakers share their favourite memories.

Unsung Voices films featured in this episode (by order of appearance):

  • 36 Questions (2016), dir. Jennifer Su
  • Open Gym (2013), dir. Simu Liu
  • Suman Ladies (2012), dir. Althea Balmes
  • Cycle (2012), dir. Ferdelle Lauren Capistrano
  • Girlfriends (2013), Betty Xie
  • Jezebel (2018), Karla Villanueva Danan
  • Burnt Out (2018), Lina Li
  • KAR (2019), dir. Sahar Golshan


Check out Althea’s illustrations and comics here:

Take a listen to Three Course Cinema Club hosted by Ammar:

This episode uses or mentions the following multimedia samples and sources:

  • “Say Good Night”, Joakim Karud
  • “Morpho Diana”, Rachel Collier


Please note below transcription was made using speech recognition software, and as such may contain inaccuracies, misspellings, or errors.


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